Seven Tips to Become Successful in the Game Texas Hold ‘Em

Seven Tips to Success: Texas Hold ‘Em

Texas Hold ‘Em is a game of skill, and to achieve sustained success a player must apply an array of unique strategies and methods. (Hold ‘Em) in recent time has exploded in popularity and more people play it than ever before. A variation of poker, Hold ‘Em is determined by the player with the best five-cards at the end of the hand wins, (royal flush being the top-rated hand). Hold ‘Em has exclusive featured programs throughout major television networks and is advertised in almost every area of media world-wide. The internet is rapidly expanding in popularity as well as accessibility, a trend expected to remain that way well into the future has brought attractions like gambling to household’s world-wide. As a result games like Hold ‘Em have never been as easy and accessible for people to participate in. Playing Hold ‘Em and being successful at it are very different concepts. By following the “Seven Tips” model any Hold ‘Em player can gain distinct advantages over inexperienced players.

1. Noticing and Using Common Table Advantages

Unethical or not, noticing someone’s mistake and using it to your advantage is a method successful poker players use. One example being when the shuffling of cards is taking place, a few cards may become visible; make a mental note, and the possible knowledge of the location of even one card can be a determining factor in any hand.

2. Build a Relationship at the Table

All tables have different general atmospheres; some can be serious while others are playful. A successful poker player can pick up table atmosphere rather easily. Upon seating drop a quick ice-breaker and by the reactions received you can get a general consensus of what kind of people you are playing with. With knowledge of the table atmosphere a player now can determine whether to play straight-faced or more easy-going game.

3. Effective Body Language

Whether you believe it or not it is a fact that people constantly make subconscious decisions based on others body language. Control your own body language and take notice to others. Slouching for instance more often than not demonstrates weakness or uncertainty, whereas a straight posture most often display’s confidence. Successful poker players use the infamous phrase, “poker-face” quite literally, which give them a definite advantage.

4. Consistency

One the most important aspects a successful poker player will need in order to remain at that level is a consistent strategy plan. If a player enters a game without a general plan or expectation there is no way to measure what methods work best, therefore their game will never improve. Have a general plan in mind, for example create a mental list of hands you must play, will not play, and potentially will play. Remaining consistent is a strategy that must be used to achieve sustained success; people who play at random will never have consistent results over multiple games.

5. Ability to Adapt

Much like other sports, the ability to adapt to different circumstances is crucial to success. Noticing a change and adapting to the new circumstance is a skill that with practice will give that player a sure advantage. For example, you notice little or no action by one player and an hour into play that player makes an all in bet. Take notice to unorthodox betting patterns and reevaluate your hand. This will save you unnecessary losses that can have been avoided.

6. Picking the Right Spots

A successful poker player will see weakness and exploit it to their advantage. In the event you feel a player “limped” in or is “chasing” cards, it is essential to make them pay to receive such opportunity. Notice such an event and make a large bet which in effect will make that player rethink if their hand is worth such risk. Slow-playing is very risky where as taking the definite win is always a positive.

7. Timing

A key skill to sustain success at Hold ‘Em a player must use timing effectively. Timing is a skill that takes practice to perfect. In Hold ‘Em the result of a hand can be determined by a matter of accurately controlling the literal timing of bets. For instance, a player may already have their next play in mind but by either “trigger” betting or delaying the bet the player can then distinguish or conceal hand strength.

Texas Hold ‘Em is a game of chance meaning there is no definite formula that produces 100% victory. With that being said by implementing a carefully formulated strategic plan a player can gain distinct advantages over those who do not use consistent strategic systems. Similar to a sports star hitting the gym, a player who implements the “Seven Tips” model can and will consistently maintain success and advantage against competition.